World Famous Waves

Surfing Raglan is on every surfers bucket list and the waves are just down the hill from Solscape.

Every quality surf destination around the world has locals who struggle with visiting surfers. Raglan is no different and it’s important to us at Solscape that the visiting surfers that we host understand and abide by local rules and etiquette.

While enjoying the waves that peel along our shores please show utmost respect to the local environment, the local culture and the local community at all times.

Ngarunui Beach – (suitable for all levels)

Ngarunui Beach is a long, flat sand-bottomed beach providing waves every day. It is the perfect environment for all our lessons and is fun for all levels.

Manu Bay – (suitable for advanced-intermediate to expert surfers only)

Manu Bay is a rocky point break, famous for its long peeling left. It is a local break so please be sure to abide by the surfing etiquette and respect the local surfing community. Please note, to surf Manu Bay you must be surfing at an advanced-intermediate or expert level and have full control of your board at all times.

All other surf breaks in Raglan are Locals Only. Please show respect at all times, follow the surfing etiquette and only surf breaks that are suitable for your ability level.