What does the term “It takes a village” mean to you?

The term comes from the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”, and we see it as a beautiful thing and reckon it can be applied in all sorts of situations. We’ve been asking our staff for their thoughts and the answers have varied a bit but the recurring theme has been along the lines of, “it takes a team to achieve anything”, “true success requires everyone’s input”, “everyone has an important role to play in achieving a goal” and “there is a responsibility when you live in a place or society to play your role for its betterment”.

We at Solscape feel that we have essentially created a village and the ‘child’ we are raising or nurturing is planet earth. So we’ve been busy coming up with ways to reduce the environmental impacts associated with playing host to people from all over the world while in Raglan. We’ve developed various eco accommodation options, we’re offering unique dining experiences that have the lowest possible environmental impacts, we provide comprehensive recycling facilities and we offer advice on mindfully transporting yourself to Solscape. And we offer eco tours, learning and wellness options and adventure activities for you to enjoy.

So we’re asking you, our guests, to ‘join the village’ and play your part by choosing the best way to get here, recycling and being mindful about your water usage while here and being mindful about the food you bring to Solscape or join us for a meal or two in the Conscious Kitchen. You’ll enjoy it and you’ll feel good about contributing to a better outcome for all – and maybe even be inspired to do more in your own village after your visit to Solscape.