A Uniquely Grounding Experience

Using the freely available material of earth, each earth dome has been constructed as a separate workshop learning experience. Many hands young and old have helped in the process of building these fascinating creations. Beautifully flowing round structures, each one has its own personality, and time spent in one of our domes is a unique and distinctly grounding experience.

The Large Earth Dome has a queen bed on the ground floor with a cozy lounging space on the mezzanine above where an extra mattress can be provided on request.

The neighbouring Small Earth Dome is ideal for two with the queen bed set on a polished earthen floor and high domed ceiling with skylight above.

Beds are made up with quality linen, duvet and pillows.

Earth Dome guests share the communal facilities including bathrooms, well equipped kitchen, indoor and outdoor dining areas, lounge with wood fire and spacious grounds.

Thanks to Living Big In A Tiny House for this lovely video about our Earth Domes!

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