Permaculture has been a very strong influence in shaping the Raglan community over the last 20+ years and is at the root of most of the sustainable initiatives at Solscape. Simply put, permaculture ethics and principles in action are powerful forces to help right the environmental wrongs of the last two centuries and to set us on a path toward a truly sustainable, abundant and rich future.

We apply permaculture principles not only to gardening and building design but also in our business management practices, adapting the framework from The Natural Step to help guide our sustainable practices and help strategize the best way forward. Permaculture offers an ethical strategy for humanity that can provide abundance for all without depleting our natural resources.

As well as modeling sustainable practices, Solscape hosts regular workshops and courses in permaculture, and offers consultancy/mentoring services and tailored learning programmes for community, academic and business groups. Contact us for more information on coming events, to arrange a tour, workshop or consultation for your home or business.

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